Kylea Martin

Financial Strategist and Director

I love nothing more than working with small business owners to ensure they’re up to speed on all the financial aspects of running a small or medium business.

As a certified practising accountant and the Founder of Total Eclipse Agency, I support business owners, educating them on the financial fundamentals like payroll and superannuation, while assisting with specialist areas like taxation services.

Over 25 years of corporate experience allows me to bring a unique perspective to this role. I bring this knowledge to you in a range of courses and how-to that you can understand and implement for your business.

In a varied career, I’ve worked with big-name brands including banks as a financial accountant, accounting manager, and finance manager.

Along the way, I have developed my professional practice from accountancy focussed roles to a broader mandate encompassing financial controls, commercial strategy and operational efficiency.

This expertise now sees me working with small and medium businesses in my role at Total Eclipse Agency, where I help decode business data and transform it into information that business operators can readily understand.

The reality is not everyone walks into a business with expertise in accounting and taxation while boasting an in-depth understanding of business data

I relish the opportunity to provide a broad range of services including rescue bookkeeping, BAS lodgements, taxation advice, payroll and superannuation expertise, virtual Chief Financial Officer services and so much more.

As the Founder of Total Eclipse Agency, it’s my firm belief that businesses perform best when they have a team of experts in their corner.

While I oversee the financial and accountancy services, we also have a team of skilled professionals available to help with administration, virtual office management, and social media.

In short, our aim is to make the lives of small and medium business owners easier.

Total Eclipse is all about assisting with those mundane everyday tasks, so business owners can concentrate on the big picture and gain back valuable time.

You can learn more about what we do, or work with us at